Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Life has just seemed to fly by so fast I haven't had time to catch up with it! I had my kidney functioning tests done Friday and I am still anxiously awaiting the results of those...this Friday I get to hit the dentist for three fillings...just never ends!

Gracie is loving preschool..she can now write her whole name without any problems..she is just growing up so fast! I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten in the fall! I sure wish Luke and I could have one more. She wants a sibling so bad and I feel so guilty when I come home from work and have to get dinner on and all she wants is to play games with me! On a happy note..so glad I have another game lover in the family. I know we will spend lots of time playing games:)

Daisy is hanging in there. She is so lonely but loves being the center of attention. This cold weather has not been nice to her arthritis and we found a mass on her leg, but at this point we are just going to enjoy the time we have left with her:) She will be turning 12 in March! Seems like yesterday her and Millie were new puppies! Oh how I miss my babies. When I go on walks it is so lonely without the crew. I know eventually we will have more dogs, but not for awhile.

I started Weight Watchers again and I swear it will be the death of me! My goal is to fit in everything I have hanging in my closet! I have so many cute clothes and the majority of them don't fit, so if I can just get this extra weight off I will be a happy girl!

Luke surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers when I got home from work yesterday which was such a special treat!

Work is keeping me beyond busy. This year Tiffany and I were asked to put the Home and Garden Show together so that pretty much consumes every minute I have but I think it will be amazing when it is done! I hope everyone is happy and healthy and enjoying this gorgeous weather! I have to say I haven't missed the snow at all!!