Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Besides things being unbelievably bitter is good. This has been the worst winter for cold I can remember. I know we have a day here or there that hits below zero but it has been this way for about a month and I feel so bad for all of the sweet animals that have to live in this weather! I am praying we warm up quick! I went to my kidney work up on Friday and my Doctor called me first thing on Monday morning. Things are not as good as I wanted them to be. Apparently my kidneys are leaking blood. I have not had great kidneys ever since I became diabetic but have managed to keep them at a stable point. My thyroid is off the charts too. That is part my fault...I have been so forgetful lately and taking my thyroid pills has been something I kept forgetting, so the doc is having me keep up on those and they will retest in April. As for the kidneys...kidneys are one of those things that can never get better, they can only get I have to do my best to keep them as stable as possible for as long as I can! I am praying when we retest the blood is going away. When you get news like this so many things go through your mind. The second I got the news I couldn't stop crying. The thought of my kidneys going down hill so fast and having to leave my little girl and cute husband behind terrifies me more than anything. I hope and pray I have many, many more years ahead of me! As far as the weight wagon...I did awesome last year. Dropped 35 pounds. Until the holidays..then I splurged and I splurged now I am up 10 pounds and so sad I saw the 150 mark again. Started the diet back up hard core and can't doctor informed me having a thyroid so far out of whack will make it almost impossible to lose until it is under control. Just great. Soo...hopefully it will come off again! I hope everyone is doing great and staying warm! Please know how much you all mean to me:)