Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Michelle...

I just wanted to tell my cute friend Michelle how much I love her and how much she means to me. She is home today with a sick little boy and she took the time out of her day just to call me and see how I am. I have a lot of friends, but not many that go out of their way as often as she does to check on me and it means the world to me! I can't wait until she moves closer so I can see her more! I truly believe it is the small things in this life that mean the most!!! I love you Michelle!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wrinkles..sniff, sniff.....

On Sunday my Dad and I were at the park with Gracie watching her play on the swings and this little girl around 6 years old walks over to my Dad and I and says to my Dad: "Is that your Mom?" My cute Dad thought that was hilarious, sad to say I didn't think so, so I am thinking it's time to break out the Oil of Olay and Age Rewind make-up!

Today my cute father in law is having some oral stuff done and I was so flattered when he asked if I would come with him, so Gracie and I made him some clam chowder and chocolate pudding for after since that is what he wanted. I feel sooo blessed to have such amazing family! Friday night Gracie and I had a girl's night and went and had icecream and then we stopped at Colleen's grave so she could see her cute Grandma. I took some pics with my phone but didn't even think to grab the camera, so I will take her back up again soon and snap some pics for you guys! As we were leaving the cemetery she starting waving and saying bye bye Grandma, see ya soon! It was adorable. I love these beautiful little children and their innocence!!! I too can't wait for the day I get to meet this amazing woman that gave me such a great hubby and wonderful sister in law!

Last night Luke, Gracie and I hopped on the 4-wheeler and went asparagus hunting which was a blast!!! We even found me a little bit which I can't wait to try!!! Luke has been working so hard on our garden this year which makes me sooo happy!!! I can't wait until our trees are big!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous day! Love to all!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Park City with Mom

This past week my cute Mom and I went on our annual Park City shopping spree trip and had a blast! I just hate how fast the time goes! I treasure every second with my amazing Mom! We couldn't stop laughing the entire trip and I love how many memories we continue to make! This year we decided to try a different when we went to check in, it was quite the fiasco. We got to the clubhouse where we were supposed to check in and low and behold there was a sign on the door that said we had to drive to a different location to check in, which to us was funny lol. They also had a huge sign hanging up that said: Adult swim hour from 10-11 am which we both thought was odd. Visions of naked, balding men ran through our heads... We drove to the new location to check in which was about 10 miles odd, but they gave us our check in info and we drove back to the clubhouse area and found our condo which was gorgeous! And so worth the scavenger hunt! Wow! I took a ton of pics but that would require me finding the camera right now and that so isn't happening. We shopped until we dropped, played games, and talked. For knowing my cute Mom 34 years now, I continue to learn knew things which to me is truly priceless, and someday, I can't wait to take Gracie on these mother/daughter trips and share these things with her too!

For Mother's Day, Luke got me an apple tree and an apricot tree, which to me is the best gift ever! They look so cute planted out by our house! Thank you Luke, Gracie and my cute hounds! Perfect gift! Oh and the delicious omelet he cooked too! Church was amazing. Great talks about beautiful mothers. Then we were able to spend the rest the day with my cute family and Mom! We had a barbecue and were able to even see Mark after he got off work for a little while too! It couldn't have been a more perfect Mother's Day! I remember for sooo many years I hated Mother's Day because it was just a reminder of the fact that I didn't have a baby, and now I treasure every second of that day! So I hope all of you cute ladies out there had an amazing Mother's Day and that includes all you cute ladies who are still waiting :)

Yesterday was the dentist which I dread. I have always gone to my cute uncle for dental work ever since I was born and he died of pancreatic cancer this past October, so I had to find a new dentist and boy did I luck out! The shots yesterday were virtually painless and he did an amazing job. Somehow, I think my cute Uncle Randy was there with me the whole time:)

Life has just been so crazy, busy lately, but I just wanted to let you all know how much I love you! Have a super week!