Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gracie Bug is Sick:(

My life has not slowed down a bit! I don't know how I am doing it lol. Yesterday I helped teach Gracie's preschool but she couldn't go because she has a HORRIBLE cold..I hurried home to grab stuff for work, went to work, got home and Luke has been amazing...he made dinner Monday night. He made a grilled chicken salad with grilled asparagus since he knows I am trying so hard to lose weight! What a treat...last night when I got home he had made spaghetti...such a great guy! I have been up all night for 2 nights now with Gracie. She coughs all night..I finally found some magic medicine that seems to be helping things out..she has got to get better for school tomorrow! They are making their Valentine Bags and she would be so sad if she missed it! So I am keeping my fingers crossed. I called the boss today and let him know I am staying home with her and it feels so good to actually sit for 3 minutes! I teach tomorrow at her school and twice next is fun seeing her in the school setting and I am so grateful Marci picked me to help while she is gone:)

Home and Garden Show is coming fast and furious...I just can't wait for life to settle down! Or will it????

I am hoping to get some laundry done today and have some serious snuggle time with Gracie bug and Daisy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hillside Recycling Fire

Yesterday the recycling plant right up the street from us blew up. Building was a total loss. Sooo sooo sad! The owner said he will rebuild. They estimated the damages around 1 million! I dropped Gracie off to school this morning and stopped by and it is still smoking..just a big pile of melted tin:( So grateful nobody was hurt! Luke stopped and took these pics yesterday on his way home from work.