Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's This You Ask???? And...Happy Bday to Millie & Daisy!

Well, if you know Luke and I, then you know we have about the worst luck ever. We are always the one family that has that one strange thing that never happens, happen to us. Especially me and my health! Well, last Saturday I had just changed Gracie and Luke was upstairs playing the XBOX when I noticed a strange, horrible smell. It smelled like a permanent solution and it kept getting stronger and stronger, so I yelled for Luke to come down and take a whiff. Instantly he ran out onto our deck and this is what he saw:Photobucket

A giant hole! You ask how and what is it? Here's more hints....
And here are a few shots of the basement:

Did you figure it out? Our septic tank collapsed! How often does that happen? Never. They have never seen it happen according to Grover's excavation that installed this. They said someone how the cement vault's lid must have been faulty to begin with, got a crack in it somehow, possibly that earthquake in Nevada a few weeks ago and all of the gravel and weight on top of it just crushed it. Sending water into our basement that luckily didn't have poop in it, but it was a mess! Why us? I am just grateful the basement didn't get it any worse than it did. But it is all fixed and things are back to normal for the moment.

I have to post a pic of my baby!Photobucket

And today is Millie and Daisy's 8th Birthday! Happy Birthday to them. We are having lots of treats to celebrate it! Wahoo!!!!! Love you guys! Here is Millie...
And Daisy....Photobucket
I have been on my new thyroid drug for a week now and haven't noticed any difference, but they say it will take awhile and months before any weight starts coming off. Grrrrr. At least we know what the problem is. I can't believe that Easter is next Sunday! Where does the time go? Gracie is almost 8 months old! I have had to retire all of her 3-6 month clothes into storage bins in hopes that somehow, someway we might be able to adopt one more someday. I just can't believe she has already outgrown all of those clothes. I am so grateful for Steph donating Harli's clothes to us. I can't wait until she can wear them. She is going to look so dang cute! Have a super day everyone!!!!!!


Rusty and Janis said...

Happy Birthday Millie and Daisey, I will make sure I bring them lots of treats.
That totally sucks about your septic take. You are very lucky that it didn't make a huge mess in your house.
I can't wait to see you. I do have your new number, so I will make sure I give you a call when we get down there.
Love Ya!

Gabrielle said...

I am so so sorry. I hope your house is back to normal soon!

Mel said...

Well, that stinks!! :) You do seem to have everything happen to you. Atleast you are positive about it all. Good thing you didn't have carpet in the basement too. And Gracie looks so cute!

Stephanie said...

Gracie is so cute, and so are your dogs! Reggie wanted me to wish them a happy birthday from him - he says "boooooowwwww wooooooooow" I think that means "Millie and Daisy are hotties".

So sorry about your septic problems - I hope they're footing the bill for it. What a "bummer" lol... I "crack" myself up!

Michelle said...

Gracie is getting so big! She is darling! I think you look fabulous and the weight will come off, we both need to find some patience! LOL! At least you get some gravel out of the deal right? Crappy way to get it, but at least something good came from this event! Know that you are loved!!!

Greg & Laura Stephens said...

Well, that's crappy! I hope things get back to normal soon!

That Gracie is just a doll! I can't wait to meet her!

Happy Birthday to Millie and Daisy, too! :)