Monday, October 6, 2008

Headaches! Grrrrr!

I have had headaches now every night for the past two weeks and I honestly think it is all from stress, but I had the chance to go to this new doctor and he is nice, but that is about the only great thing I have to say about him. I hate going to new docs and I realize he has giant shoes to fill after having the awesome doc I have had for so long. He just turned 30 and is brand new to the medical field. He knows nothing about diabetes. He didn't check my feet which is soooooo important if you are diabetic. I ended up taking a shoe off so he could look at all of those lovely blisters I shared with all of you weeks ago that are still there! I asked him what he thought my headaches could be from and he said diabetes. Great answer. I just don't know what to do about a doctor. I like that he is young and that I don't have to worry about him retiring anytime soon, but I can't wait years and years for him to become more experienced in diabetes and I need someone that can help me and my health now! Logan sure lacks great diabetic docs, but I need to find one in the valley since I see the doc so often! So frustrating! Luke is very frustrated with all of the headaches I have been having lately too. I think the stress of him getting cut back to 3 days a week now and me staying home with Gracie scares me money wise with the way the economy is. I am still doing the medical transcription classes online, but they are sooo slow due to my memory loss. Grrrrr! I just need to win the lottery!

Conference was sooo good. It is funny how some talks just seem to be directed right at you. I haven't felt the spirit so strong as I did on Saturday listening to the first session of conference. I decided to make homemade chili and cinnamon rolls and while it was all cooking, I sat on the couch and held Gracie in my arms and listed to all of the amazing talks. I don't know how many you watched the history of Thomas S. Monson right after the first session, but I cried the whole way through. It was so beautiful and what an incredible man. I knew he would have huge shoes to fill after Gordon B. Hinckley, but he sure is doing a great job. Wow. Such an inspiring man and such a great example to me and my cute family. I sat and looked at how beautiful and peaceful Gracie was as she laid in my arms and just how truly blessed I am to have that little girl. No matter what happens in this life, she is mine and I am soooo truly grateful and blessed that families are forever!



Michelle & Troy Satterthwaite said...

I am sorry . . . I wish there was an easy solution to your headaches. When it's convenient will you send me your chilli recipe, I think I want to attempt it. That is Troy's favorite. Know that your loved and if there is ANYTHING we can do, we are just a phone call away. Love you!

sharpest family said...

I hate headaches. I get them all the time too so I don't know that it's purely from diabetes. I wonder if it's more of a hormonal thing. I've had them ever since I had Olivia...never before. So maybe it's a mom thing. At any rate I hope your new doctor can get it figured out. He sounds like he's really lacking.
I loved conference too. I think Sis. Dalton was my favorite. I can't wait to read them again.
I love you. Take care Lisa! Kiss that adorable Gracie for me.

Mel said...

Too bad Jon is changing from family practice to probably going into ENT now. He could have been your doc. You did the right thing though by taking off your shoe.
I missed the Saturday's sessions, and so I need to go back and listen to them. But doesn't it just go to show that they are truly men called of God and for these times!! :)

Kevin and Tami Scott said...

Good luck on the doctor search. It's so difficult to find someone you are comfortable with and that is also knowledgeable.
I too loved Conference this weekend. I'm already looking forward to April's session!

Tara Bergsjo said...

I am so sorry you have had so many hadaches. I get migranes a lot and they have been crazy latley. I hope things get less stressful for you guys!

Suzanne said...

You will think I am silly but I have had a ton of headaches lately too. When the weather changes it seems to do something to our bodies I believe. Anyway get a humidifier going at night in your room to help moisturize, & this seems too help (run it all night)! I think this dry air we have causes havoc on us! Hope you are feeling better.

Stephanie said...

Oh no. I hope you figure out a doctor to go to soon. If he's not being thorough (i have no idea how to spell that) then you need to make sure you find one who is. I imagine you could ask around where you used to work and see if anyone has any suggestions. That's frustrating. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Jacqui said...

Good luck with the headaches. I think I just got mine figured out. There are so many things that can cause's hard to pin point.
I was at a wedding in Washington so I missed conference and need to find someone who taped it. We even forgot to set our recorder up.

Chel said...

So sorry to hear about your headaches. I hope you can find a good doctor to help you!

Conference was great - it's always so rejuvenating.

Carrie Godfrey said...

sorry about your headaches Lisa - that is no fun at all! I will remember you in my prayers. Thanks for all the coupon advice. I have been wanting to figure that out for years and have just been trying.