Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer & Dutch Oven Recipes

I feel like Summer is finally least for a day or two. I know with the flooding the rain is not good, but I am a rain girl! I wish it would rain every day! I love the cooler temps! Everything is still so green too! With all the medications I am on for diabetes..I can't spend much time in the sun since I instantly get burned and I over heat way to fast. Summer for me usually means a daily headache from the heat, so I am truly grateful for the cooler temps we have had thus far!

Luke, Gracie and I went to a friend's house Saturday night for a huge cook out and it was a blast! Delicious food..great company and the kids loved every minute of it! I even had smores! I haven't had them in years! Which made me want a fire pit in our yard since we live in the middle of nowhere, so Luke is going to build us a big pit! I am thinking Dutch Oven cooking is in the near I am on the roundup for some amazing dutch oven recipes! So send them my way if you have favorites!

Our garden looks awesome! Our peas are about 6 inches tall and everything is in full bloom! Including my allergies lol. I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

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Our Family said...

I'm so excited for summer. I love the heat I must say. We are always looking for yummy things to do in the dutch oven so if you could pass them on to me that would be great. Have a great weekend!