Friday, July 1, 2011


I am sitting here at work so full of emotions right now. My sweet Sadie has been limping really bad for a few weeks so Luke took her to the vet today and we found out it is because of a huge cancerous tumor. We aren't sure how much time we have left with her and we are just trying to keep her comfortable. I sit here with tears streaming down my face. I love that sweet dog more than I can possible express. She came into our lives on April 24th 2001. SHe was a year and a half then. She has brought so much joy into our lives. She quickly became my best friend.

Luke and I didn't think we would ever be able to have a baby, so our dogs have been our kids for so long. They are such a huge part of our lives. I feel bad for those who don't get to experience the love and joy they truly bring to a person's life.

The thought of not having her in my life terrifies me. She has just always been there for me. When I cry, she is there to lick my tears. When my day has been bad she is always there to curl up next to me and make me feel loved. She is always making me smile. My day is not complete without loves from my cute Sadie. She can sense when I don't feel good and always makes me feel better. I want so badly for Gracie bug to remember what a special dog she is. I just want to fix her! Make her better! I have no doubt in mind that we will all be together again someday, but this part is so incredibly hard. I just need lots of prayers, friends and love right now. THanks for listening.


ShAuNi said...


Sorry to hear about Sadie. We lost our beloved Rustin 2 weeks ago. It has been terrible. I told Jay that I can no longer look at a frisbee again, because his favorite thing to do was to chase a frisbee around the yard. It really sucks and they leave a whole in your heart that can never be filled. Enjoy the time that you have with her and take lots and lots of pictures and videos with her and Gracie. I wish I had more of Rustin.

Love ya, Staci

The Newcomb's said...

I am so sorry. There is not too much I can say except to enjoy the time that you have with her. Take lots of pictures with her and Gracie.
What a special dog.

Lisa said...

STaci...what happened to Rustin??? I am so sorry! I didn't know he was sick! And Darci..thanks for your sweet words. They mean more than you can possibly know. At times like this I have truly found out who my friends are. Love you guys!

LaNe aNd GiNa said...

Oh Lisa! I'm so sorry!! It's so hard to say goodbye. I still wake up crying sometimes from dreams about my dogs. My thoughts and prayers are with you dear....