Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Sweet Daisy

Daisy passed away yesterday morning and I miss that girl so much! My heart aches so bad for her. I am truly blessed that she was with us for as long as she was. After Millie, Dusty and Sadie passed away she just hasn't seemed the same. She has been so lonely and had pretty much stopped eating. I think she hung on as long as she could. With Daisy it has been different...with each baby that has passed, a part of me died with them, but I always had another one to hug and comfort me..this time with her being the last, I don't have one to hold or comfort me. I feel so empty. This house feels so empty and quiet. It just isn't the same. But on a happy note...I know with all of my heart that she is home...home with Sadie, Dusty, Millie and all of my other pets and family and friends that have passed on and that in itself brings me comfort I can't even begin to explain. To know she is pain free, healthy and happy running around with my other babies is the best gift ever. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the opportunity we will have to be together again someday if we live righteously. I don't know how people get through times like this without that belief. I prayed so hard on Tuesday night that Heavenly Father would come and get her and he did! I KNOW he hears and answers all of our prayers. Sometimes in ways we don't understand but I KNOW they are answered and I know he is always there. I am one lucky, lucky girl. Not only for all that I have been blessed with but for the knowledge of knowing my Heavenly Father lives and loves me beyond comprehension. He is my best friend and always there and I couldn't ever ask for anything more than that!

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Tara said...

You know I'm thinking of you at this sad time. And I know that you know that they'll all be waiting for us on the other side :)