Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Late Easter, Happy Birthdays...etc.

Things have been so busy around the Johnson home lately but I wanted to post a few pictures from Easter. We had lots of fun. Luke and I still hide each other's Easter Baskets and it was still so much fun watching him search for his Easter Basket that he can't find until I give him huge hints. Now that we are in a bigger home there were so many more hiding spots!


Yesterday was my cute Mom's 60th bday! Happy Bday Mom! And today is Luke's Dad's big 70th bday! Happy Bday Eldon! April is a big month for bdays for us.

Saturday night we had the opportunity to go to our friend's party he was having at the Sonora Grill Restaurant in Ogden. Beautiful restaurant. We tried foods that I never thought would enter my mouth. Like ceviche which is basically sushi, and mussels! Luke even tried them. It was so fun to see Dustin and his new restaurant which I am sure is going to do wonderful. Way to go Dustin!

I would be so ungrateful if I didn't take a moment to pay my respects to little Kser Nay Moo who was found dead last night in SLC. It is so tragic that such a beautiful, special little spirit was taken from this life so suddenly and so tragically and I hope that the people that are responsible for this will get the maximum punishment for this. Last night I checked on Gracie so many times just wanting to make sure she was safe and sound in her crib. I don't know how a parent adjusts to losing a child. I can't even imagine. I know these people will pay someday, but it just isn't soon enough. My heart and prayers go out to her little family at this time. Always check your doors an extra time before you go to bed. Make sure your windows are locked. There are so many scary people out there nowdays you really can't trust anyone. Hug your children tonight and every night. Give them that extra kiss, read them that extra book and love them like there is no tomorrow. I am sooooooo truly blessed and grateful for my little Gracie. We decided it would be fun to spike her hair since it is getting longer and here is the end results...


darcie said...

her hair is so cute, it makes me laugh

Mel said...

Fun times!! I LOVE the hair! We have started locking our sliding glass door. Because one night, well morning, Jon walked in there to check on the kids and Jaedon wasn't in his bed. It freaked me out! But he was over by his closet with the blanket over him. So now the windows and ALL doors are locked!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you guys had a fun Easter. Gracie is an absolute DOLL! I hope you're planning on entering her into the cute baby contest at Peach Days this summer - she's too cute not to! Those eyes and her chubby cheeks and her cute dimple and adorable smile. I can tell she's such a happy baby, and she should be - look at what a cute mommy she has!

Michelle said...

Love Gracie's new hairdo! Very cute! Coming from the city to the country I am glad the I am compulsive about making sure all of our doors and windows are locked. I don't even leave the garage door open when I am home alone with the boys! Tragic what happened to that little girl! Glad that you, Luke and Gracie had a very fun Easter!! Tell your cute mom happy birthday from me.

Greg & Laura Stephens said...

What cute pictures! That Gracie is just too adorable! We need to come and see her in person one of these days! :)

sharpest family said...

What a fun Easter! It looks like you had a blast. Gracie looks darling with spikes. I love it.
I prayed so hard they'd find sweet Hser Nay Moo. It was so awful what happened to her. My kids were praying too. I was in my closet praying alone and Makell came in. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was praying for Hser. Then she said the strangest thing. "Mom, she's alive a little longer then she'll be with Jesus and Heavenly Father, it's ok mom, she'll be happy with them." It was kind of strange that she knew what happened because that's exactly what had happened to the little girl. I kept thinking, "Out of the mouths of babes.."

BTW where did you get your cute background?

Lisa said...

Sweet little Makell. Children truly are amazing and we have so much to learn from them. I get my backgrounds from They are free which I love!!!!!!!!! I have a link under favorite websites on my blog. love you!