Thursday, May 29, 2008

Marshmellow's, Pickles and Cheetos....Oh My!

Well, let me start off my saying sorry for how long it has been since I posted last. I just went through all my pictures and there are so many I made a slide show for you!

Park City with my Mom was fun, but Gracie was just too small to want to shop all day so next year Luke agreed he would watch her so the girls could go play.

Gracie has been trying all sorts of new foods even though there is no sign of a tooth yet and she is so cute. Lemon's and Lime's don't seem to bother her at all, she loves them! She is growing up faster than ever in so many ways. I realize just how big she is now when I see a newborn baby. Where has the time gone?

Mother's Day was extra special this year since I am finally a Mom. Luke got me a flip video camera and so I can now post videos of Gracie. I know, just what you all were hoping for lol! He also got me a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers and the 27 Dresses DVD. I am so spoiled. We got to spend Mother's Day with my cute Mom who is the best Mom ever! I love you Mom!

My newest addiction is mob wars on Facebook. It has been so addicting and I have met so many new people on there and so many old friends from high school. It's kinda fun to see all the different roads we have all taken in life since high school.

As for my diet.... still working hard at it and haven't lost a pound. I haven't gained either so I guess that is a plus. The dogs sure do give me a workout on our walks. I will have to have Luke take a picture of me walking the five dogs on leashes and Gracie in her stroller. I am sure it is quite the sight, but we have fun and it is great exercise for me.

I had the opportunity to go back to work for a few days last week and it was soooo great catching up with everyone and the doctors too, well some of them at least lol... I feel fortunate to have a job that lets me come back every now and then, but for the most part be able to stay home and be a Mom!

Luke and I went and put a beautiful bouquet of flowers on his Mom's grave for Memorial day. The cemetery is so beautiful this time of year. I wish it was that way year round. There are so many graves that never get flowers which makes me sad, but I am sure those family members of the deceased live far away or there would be flowers there too.

The main road that takes us to Logan is closing for construction on Monday so we get to make our trip to Logan an extra half hour by driving through Sardine Canyon which I am not looking forward to, but Gracie sure loves the car and she LOVES her new car seat. I had to put a picture of her in the slide show in her new car seat. She just loves it!

I added the pictures of Gracie loving my bubble gum...hope you enjoy!


The Davidsons said...

What a cute little slide show! I need to learn to do something like that! Gracie is so Cute!

Mel said...

So cute!! I love the new car seat, that is just too cute! I wish I would have stopped by when I was there, but I feel like I have been gone for way too long, that no one there would know me, or remember me. So, we just hung out at my mom's house.

Mel said...

stopped by work that is...just to clarify

Amy said...

Oh man, I loved those pictures soooo much! Isn't it fun to be a mom? That's nice of Luke to offer to take Gracie next year so you and your mommy can shop, but just think, in a few years she'll WANT to come with you. How fun is that? Though time can slow down a bit in my opinion, my babies are growing up too fast.

Love ya!

Michelle & Troy Satterthwaite said...

So cute! I love the new car seat! Check out the Herald Journal in Fridays paper, there is a write up about the 2 roads they will be maintaining to get to Logan. HURRAY for me because I didn't want to take Sardine every day for work! I want details on how to do a slide show, I loved it!

Greg & Laura Stephens said...

Those pictures are adorable!! I love that new car seat, too! :) You're such a cute mom!!

Rusty and Janis Hollahan said...

Love the slide show. Gracie is getting so big and I haven't even seen her yet. We need to plan a date night soon.