Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family, The Fourth, Fireworks!

We had such a fun weekend spending it with Matt, Amy, Lucy, Chase, Mark and my cute parents! I took a bunch of pictures, so enjoy!!!!!




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sharpest family said...

Your mom is the CUTEST little thing on the planet! I hope I look like her when I'm her age. She is so darling and sweet. I always loved being with her at your house. That's where I learned about marinating with sprite or coke and learned about green beans with almonds in them. Yum!!! Thanks for all the family dinners I got to come to!

Stephanie said...

She is getting so stinkin' big! And cute as ever. I just can't get over those big cheeks, beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, and those DIMPLES! What a lucky little girl - no wonder she's always smiling and happy.

Oh, and she's wearing the cute little dress that Harli handed down to her in the 4th of July picture! Yay!