Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shout Out to Karwin

I just wanted to take a minute and let my cute brother in law Karwin know how much we love him. He is in Iraq right now and has been for months. We sure do miss him and can't wait for his return. We keep him in our daily prayers. His cute wife and kids are without him for awhile which breaks my heart, but he will be home soon. I am so grateful for him and all of the soldiers out there who fight for our lives day in and day out. It makes me so sad that we can't have world peace and that we always have to be fighting. It scares me to have Gracie grow up in this awful, scary, cold world. I want her to know just how much she is loved and that she has so many people who love her and care for her. I know she is too small to understand any of this, but no one is ever to small to know that they are loved!

I hope everyone, Karwin too..has a special 4th of July and takes a few moments to be thankful for and enjoy the freedom that we are soooo lucky to have every day. We love you Karwin!!!!


Suzanne said...

You are so sweet!! It makes the fourth of July seem more important. Thank you for always looking out for us. We love you.

kim bergsjo said...

That is funny we have about the same post. I love your blog its way cute.

Heather Bergsjo said...

We pray that Karwin will be kept safe. I don't know if your talking about my dog but I put a picture of it on the front of my blog so check it out and let me know.

Heather Bergsjo said...

Okay now I'm not confused. Tiffany is at girls camp but when she gets back I'll tell her to put your e-mail on her list so you can check out her blog.

Kevin and Tami Scott said...

Did you know Kevin and Karwin served their mission together in Korea? Kevin got him in trouble a few times while they were there. They've known each other a long time. In fact, the last time we lived in Logan, Karwin and Suzanne were in our ward and Kevin and Karwin were home teaching companions. He really admires him!

We really hope he is doing well as well as Suzanne and their kids. I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend.