Friday, June 27, 2008

Long Drive Contest

Today was my last appointment with my primary care physician who is Dr. Nordell Brown. He had decided to just be a pediatrician now and focus on the little ones. He is Gracie's doctor and such a wonderful man. He has saved my life countless numbers of times and I just hope I can find a replacement as wonderful as he has been. Of course at the lab today they had the same problem they always do...couldn't find a vein so I am a human pin cushion. Got home and was really thirsty and that usually means one thing...I have high blood sugar. I tested my blood sugar and it was 465! I couldn't believe it! I had been fasting for the blood work, but before I left for the doctor I was 110, so I don't know what happened. I gave me a bolus of 18 units knowing it would very slowly come down, I checked it again an hour later and...It was 498! I knew something was wrong so I called Dr. Brown himself and he had me rip the IV out, give me a regular shot of humalog and put a new IV in. It has been so many years since I have had to give me a shot in my stomach that it actually scared me and didn't feel real great either, but it did the trick. I am now sitting pretty at 118 thank goodness! And thanks to Dr. Brown too!

Luke had a long drive contest tonight at Birch Creek, so Gracie and I went and watched and my cute parents showed up too! It was lots of fun and a beautiful day to get out and enjoy the weather! I have been telling Luke he never gives me flowers ever so today he brought me home a rose. SO sweet, even if it is because I have been hounding him for one lol. Men just need to appreciate women more. I hate getting flowers on only valentines or an anniversary. My favorite time for flowers is the just because ones. That is when I feel so loved and needed.

I should have brought the camera to the golf course to take a pic of Luke, but with my blood sugars on my mind, grabbing the camera was the last thing I was thinking of. But I will post pics soon. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Jeff & Holly said...

Hey Lisa,
Sorry it has been so long since I have been on your blog! I had a great time looking over all your posts. I am so sorry you have to battle with diabetis. What an awful disease. I am glad that you keep a close eye on it.
What is up with Wrestling??? Too funny, I can't believe you like that stuff. I think I would have tossed my cookies in the arena, just for fun! I bet that your hunny loves that you like it.
I love those pictures of you blowing bubbles and Gracie eating them. Too cute. She looks a tone like you and your mom. What a doll. I have to envy that closet of hers. AWSOME!! I wish she was a year older than Brinley so I could beg hand-me-downs of you! I never knew you and Mandy had so much in common! LOL! Talk to you again soon!

Gabrielle said...

Get healthy darn it! :P

Suzanne said...

Are you feeling better now? That is really scary for you. Tell Luke to take better care of you!!

kim bergsjo said...

Sorry about the diabetes scare. Dr Brown used to be Ashton's pediatrician and I have actually pondered going back to him. I love that guy.