Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Coupon Info....

Lots of you requested more info on saving money with coupons and today I was watching Studio 5 on KSL and every Wednesday at 11:00 am they are going to give us tips with coupons so you will have to stay tuned. They gave out some fun blogs to look at so I will post them so you can all check them out. One of them is a single mom with 3 daughters and she has set a budget of only 800 bucks a year for groceries! How cool would that be? You have got to check her blog out. It is:
another great one:
and one more:

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One of these ladies on one of these blogs got 81 items at Walmart for under 9.00! Can you believe that! Next time you are in Walmart, buy the All You magazine at the check out stand. It is full of great coupons and it is only 1.97 an issue. I just subscribed to a year the day before I saw a great sale on pinchingyour pennies! I spent 20 for a year and you can get 37 issues for the same price right now on pinching your pennies! That website also has great deals happening all over the internet, great christmas present ideas, so check back often! The September issue of All You hasn't been that great, apparently I missed the August one that was so fabulous, but if it has great coupons, I figured why not try it out right? If I like it when I get it, I can always go and buy more at Walmart.

Make sure you are all saving your coupon inserts you get in Sunday papers. I know it doesn't seem like 50 cents here or 75 cents there will save you much, but you would be so surprised! I am learning so much from my cute friend Steph and I have already saved hundreds! Ask your neighbors, relatives and friends for their Sunday coupons if they don't use them (most people just throw them away). It is great to have doubles and triples of the same coupon, that way you can buy three of that item when it is a great deal. You will start to accumulate a lot of coupons fast, so you will need to start filing them to make it easier to find them. Mine are stored in a shoe box with index cards and it is a great file for me. I just go through them every now and then and pull out the expired ones. Make sure you cut out each and every coupon! The only ones I don't cut out are coffee ones. Even if it is something you don't use brand wise or have never tried, cut it out! For example if you cut out a hormel chili coupon for 75 cents off and you never use that brand, what happens when they go on sale for 99 cents, won't you try it for 14 cents? I know I would and you might find things you like you never tried! It is also nice to start stocking our food storages for how expensive everything is getting! So cut out everything!
The ads come out every Tuesday for Smiths and Macey's here. You can plan out all of your meals for the following week depending what is on sale and what you have coupons for. Once I get them I look at everything and see if I have coupons to match anything that is already a great deal. My new favorite website is If you go into that website into forums, click on screaming deals and go to Utah, it will pull up different stores so go into the store you shop at and it will tell you what the hot buys are that week and what coupons to use with them. They don't do Walmart, but the more I have shopped around, I am saving lots more at Smiths that I do at Walmart and apparently as of today, according to, Walmart will no longer accept more than one of a certain coupon per purchase. Anywhere else you can have 10 or more of the same coupon and you can use them on each item which has been so great. I got 6 suave deodorant's for 19 cents. Not a brand I have ever used, but for 19 cents, I will give it a try! At Smith's a few weeks ago, they had pert plus (huge bottles) for 3.31 and I had a coupon for 3 bucks off. I had 5 of them so I got five bottles for .31 cents each! Now Luke will have shampoo for life but you can't beat deals like that! Smith's is by far my favorite. If you have small kids and buy diapers and such at Smith's make sure to have the cashier sign you up for baby points and for every dollar you spend, it turns into baby points and once you reach 200, they will give you 10 bucks! Same with pets, have them sign you up for pet points too! I am just full of info tonight lol! I am so anxious to hear the deals you are all going to come across, so please keep me posted and if you have any questions, I am always right here!!!!! Good luck!


AMY said...

good info Lisa. I am trying so hard but a little overwhelmed. I keep running into surveys and that bugs. I havent given up yet

Stephanie said...

Hey! Since you bought all that Pert shampoo - they're offering a mail-in rebate for $5 in free school supplies when you buy more than $5 in Pert shampoo. I don't have my rebate forms anymore, but we should check around to see if anyone else does. Maybe Stacy or Laura or someone.

Here's how I did my Pert deal - I bought three bottles of Pert shampoo for $2.88 each. I had three $2.00 off coupons, so I ended up only paying .88 for each. I bought $5 in school supplies (i actually bought hundreds of those five cent notebooks from walmart which were a killer deal) and sent in my receipts and got a $5 check back in the mail.

Don't forget to tell everyone about Beer rebates. I don't drink beer, but I sure do love those beer companies for giving me free money for buying stuff that I buy every month anyway!! Wahoo!

Oh... speaking of beer rebates. (sorry that this is now turning into a novel) keep your eyes out for a little beer rebate pamplet full of "tailgait party" coupons. They're not mail-in rebates, they're instant savings. Inside there is a coupon for $1.50 off Hormell Chili. Smith's is having their case lot sale right now, and they have a case of Hormel Chili for $9.39 for 12 cans. You can use four of the $1.50/2 coupons making your whole case of chili only $3.39 (or .28 per can) Not bad.

Stephanie said...

In fact... maybe i'll have to do a little blog entry about beer rebates. Hmmm...

Jacqui said...

Lovin' it! I do this same thing. I saved over 60% at Albertson's this week and over 50% at Smith's.
I don't cut all my coupons out though. I just write on the insert the date and then I cut it out when they post it on Pinching Your Pennies. I've also found a site you can buy coupons...fabulous...if you know when a sale is coming up. I may try it for this Quaker sale coming up for Albertsons.
I never have luck with those Beer rebates...the slips are always you'll have to keep me posted on this one. It's worked out a couple of times. We'll have to post more info for each other.
I think you mentioned the screaming penny...this is how I do all of my Christmas shopping and clothes for a buck!! It's my new hobby for sure.
I was just telling my family tonight how excited I was they were eating my $1 ice cream.