Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life has been CRAZY!!!

Life has just been a whirl wind the past week or so! Lots going on and hopefully I will be able to fill you all in soon. We are all fabulous here at the Johnson home. Gracie and I took a fabulous walk today and the temperature couldn't have been more perfect! Luke is doing great! He was able to golf today which was the first time since August and he did amazing! Hopefully that means it will be a great golfing season for him:)

I am so excited to get my garden going! Luke is going to till it for me this weekend and then hopefully we can get some crops growing! Gracie is even excited about it this year! We planted some beans in cups awhile ago and they are huge and so fun to watch grow each and every day!

The hounds are doing great too and love to get out and go on walks!! I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy this gorgeous weather! Know you are all loved!!

Oh...and I just made the most amazing meatloaf ever! Luke hates meatloaf so I NEVER make it but he is working nights this week so I attempted it. I got the recipe from a great website and it calls for Rice Krispies as your filler instead of oatmeal or bread crumbs which is half the carbs and calories and might I say..the best meatloaf ever! Soooo easy! I did it in a muffin tin to so I have a bunch of individual meatloafs I can toss in ziplocs and throw them in the freezer! They look like little cupcakes and that is the reason picky Miss Gracie is eating them now;)


Michelle & Troy Satterthwaite said...

sounds delicious! Will you send me the recipe. I hate meat loaf too but might enjoy it if it looks like a muffin! LOL! The boys will love it to! xoxoxo

Stephanie said...

That's a wonderful idea! YOu need to send me the recipe! I'd love to give them a try.

Tara Bergsjo said...

Glad to hear all is going well! We are loving this great weather!!

The Huffies said...

Yum! Meatloaf is my absolute favorite...will you send me the recipe?? love ya!