Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cherry Hill

So Gracie and I had the opportunity to join some great friends in an all day adventure to Cherry Hill! Gracie hadn't ever been swimming before so she had a blast! I have a hard time getting in the water since I have an IV in my stomach and I am so allergic to the adhesive as is..I can't really get it wet for to long or it falls out, so Richard and Megan, and Spence and Kelly were amazing with Gracie on taking her down the water slides! The lazy river was my favorite part. We didn't get any pics of that though...

Megan and Tenzing




I managed to not get a pic of Kelly and Spence...or Oakley or Ira...I have got to get better with the camera! Sorry guys! We had a blast and think we should make this a yearly tradition!!!!!

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The Newcomb's said...

I have always wanted to go to Cherry Hill, but never have. That looks like a really fun place.