Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fair Time

It is the Tremonton Fair right now and Gracie got to go to the parade and ride some rides last night with Luke since I had to work..but tonight we are hoping to go as a family! I love the fair! I love the animals! I will bring a camera so I can get some great pics! I haven't forgotten about blogging...but life has been soooo crazy lately with a new job and training! Luke and I are rotating schedules so that we don't have to put Gracie in daycare and she is getting to spend some time with her cute Grandpa Eldon which I love! She looks forward to her Grandpa time every day!

Gracie will be starting pre-school in 2 weeks and she is sooo excited! Luke's bday is right around the just doesn't seem to slow down! Know you are all loved and I will write more soon! xoxoxxxooo

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Claine and Janice said...

Where did you get a job at?