Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easiest, Bestest, Favoritest, Softest Sugar Cookies Ever!!!!

Only because I love I going to share with you my favoritest recipe ever! For those of you who live around an Old Grist Mill..these seem identical to me:)

3 1/4 C. Flour

1 tsp. Soda

1/2 tsp. Salt

1 1/4 C. Sugar

1 Egg

1 tsp. Vanilla

1/2 C. melted Butter or Margerine

1/2 c. Sour Cream

Mix Flour, Soda & Salt in large bowl. Mix everything else in another bowl and add to the dry mixture. Roll out and cut into desired shapes. Put on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes. The second they start looking golden around the edges, pull them out!

I let them cool and always ice them with a mixture of powdered sugar, almond extract, a few tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of soft butter. I get sooo many requests for these cookies! Perfect for Valentine's or any day of the week! Enjoy!!!


{S}hAuNi said...

Hey woman mom says that you're fired for not coming to church today!! Ha ha she just kept saying where is Lisa I am going to kick her butt! But we missed you hope all is well :)

{S}hAuNi said...

My mom says good.. now you better make me some sugar cookies! Our sunday school class is now over for 3 weeks so we are going to have to find somewhere else to go! When we got there we went into the relief society room and we were like 5 minutes late and we didn't realize that it was just the young women and young men in there until Tawnya said something to us! It was super embarrassing ha ha!

Heather Bergsjo said...

I love sugar cookies! Thanks for the recipe. I hope everything is going well with you. That's too bad about the dogs. I think it is super awesome that you are such an animal lover! We need more people like you!

Heather Bergsjo said...

I just made some today to take them to the people I visit teach. They were so yummy! Thanks again

Lisa said...

Yea! I am so glad you liked them! I love how easy they are and how fast they pull together! Yea!!!

The Huffies said...

okay, going to have to try this...I have NEVER been able to make a decent sugar cookie. Thanks for sharing!

Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Sugar cookies are my favorite type of cookie and they have to have lots of icing!

You asked where I got my fun gun at on a guest post I did. My mom got that for me, so I don't actually know where it came from!