Monday, April 25, 2011


This past weekend has been fun and filled with family! Friday night after work I met my whole family..Matt, Amy and their kids even and we went out to eat! So much fun seeing them since it only happens a few times a year! Saturday morning I woke up early and walked the was beautiful! Then Luke and I took Gracie to the Deweyville Easter egg hunt which was a blast. Then we went back over to my parent's house in Logan and had another Easter egg hunt at their house and then had a fabulous lunch and I got to spend the afternoon chatting with my cute sister in law.

Gracie looked beautiful in her new Easter Dress..I will have to get pics on here! Yesterday church was amazing. I felt like it was all for me yesterday. The lessons hit really hard and touched so close to home. I feel like Heavenly Father knew what struggles I have been facing and the lessons yesterday just hit the spot:) Luke gave me a beautiful Easter Lily...It was just a perfect day! I hope everyone's Easter was as special as mine.

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Kevin and Heather said...

Happy Easter! I'm glad you had a good one!