Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nancy Law

Tonight I went to the viewing of a very special lady. Nancy Law was my violin teacher all growing up and such a HUGE inspiration to me. She helped mold me into the violist that I am today, and I owe so much to her. She is so talented and always inspired me to not only be a better violinist, but to be a better person. She leaves behind a darling husband and 4 beautiful kids. I got to talk to Seth (her son) tonight for a little while before the viewing...we have been friends long before Nancy became my teacher. He was telling me that his sister had her baby the day before Nancy passed away and she never had the opportunity to meet this new baby. I am so grateful for eternal families. I know without a shadow of a doubt Nancy will be watching over her cute family and all of her grand kids. I am so blessed and grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and the Plan of Salvation. The only thing that helps me through these tough times is focusing on eternal families. I believe that those that have already passed on are so much closer to us than we realize. So many times I feel my grandparents or my uncle Randy in the car with me when I am driving to or from work...

This world has lost such an amazing woman. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Law family at this time. Love to all.

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Jacqui said...

Wow! I remember her from grade school...she was awesome!