Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Things have been so crazy lately! Work has been the busiest since I have worked there..lots of changes are taking place and it will be good when everything is in place! My cute parents are home from St. George. I can't wait to celebrate my cute Mom's birthday when we go over to their house on Sunday. It will be fun to get back in the habit of family dinner's at Mom's on Sundays. I think they will always goes to St. George now for the winter, but it is a good move for them. My Mom said my Dad's arthritis was so good there. He was actually able to go hiking with Mark! It's good for them to get away from things too and just enjoy themselves!

My cute Sadie has been really struggling when she breathes so we finally took her in and the doctor seems to think she has Laryngeal Paralysis...we are trying different meds for the moment, I just hate to have her go through anything! At her age I just want her to enjoy life! And Daisy is having a heck of time with that darn arm since her surgery. The arthritis sure has settled in and no drugs are helping her...hopefully something will help soon!

I was truly blessed this past week and got to see my 2 favorite singers! Bon Jovi Tuesday night with one of my besties...Shalon was a way fun date and it is a night we will never forget. Great seats, amazing concert...awesome night! Then Saturday night I went and saw my cute John Allred before he moves to LA with my cute friends Amy and Alex and we had a blast..such a great concert with 3 amazing opening bands! I am so glad I have such a great hubby that let's me get out and play once in awhile:)

Spring is in the air! I think we hit 65 today which was perfect! I could handle that year round! Tomorrow is Mom's bday, Saturday is my cute Father in laws bday..oh and I am so excited..we are getting Eddie for the weekend! That is my friend Paul's yellow lab he just adopted. Eddie is 12 and you would never guess it! I am excited for him to come play with my babies!

I don't know whether I am coming or going! Tonight Gracie and I painted toenails! She picked bright red for me and pink with purple glitter for her...we are feeling more spring now:) I hope everyone is great! Love you!!

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Kevin and Heather said...

My sister also went to Bon Jovi. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun!