Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home & Garden Show & Happy Endings!

The Home and Garden Show is officially over....Phew!!! Tons of work are put into this event and then it is all over in 2 huge days. It was a huge success and I feel honored to be a part of such an amazing team that put it all together! Before I know it we will be getting ready to start on it again for next year.

This year the Cache Humane Society was there and they brought in animals to be adopted which was also a great success. I fell in love with a beautiful 11 year old lab named Eddie and I just found out our cute Q92 DJ is adopting him tomorrow! I am so excited!! I am going to have to go visit him! I can't believe in 2 short days I am attached like I am to him, but that tells you just how special he is! I LOVE happy endings!

We spent most of the night cleaning up the event so I was so ready to fall asleep and lay low today which I did. Luke took Gracie to Disney on Ice while I took it easy and then went to dinner with Mark:) I have such a great time with him. We talked for hours. He has always been one of my bestest friends and I am so lucky to be his sister! I am already looking forward to our next game night!

The weather has been gorgeous and I am loving the time change so that it stays lighter later. That means I get to walk the dogs after work now! Wahoo! I hope everyone has a great week and a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love to all!!!

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