Friday, March 4, 2011

Good News!

So I went to the eye doctor today...the most amazing eye doctor. He spent lots of time with me and said that the bleeding and leakage that was behind my eyes from when I had Gracie has stopped completely which is so fabulous! I had massive bleeding on the brain and lots of the blood and fluid from that leaked behind my eyes and we never knew if it would go away and it has finally! I am so excited! My vision hadn't changed much either. He said my vision has stayed almost the same for the past 8 years which is really rare for a diabetic and wants me to go see a cornea specialist in Idaho Falls for Lasik! Best news ever! Just a great day and now I am off to go spend the night with some of my bestest friends! Wahoo! Hope everyone is doing great!


Mel said...

That is some awesome news! Glad that life is good. I wish I could get lasik.

dawson99 said...

yeah.. that is so awesome. i am so glad that u got some good news. talk to u soon