Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Date with the Ice

Nothing to exciting to report....Yesterday I put on my Sorel Boots and decided to walk the hounds. Put on my Ipod shuffle, bundled up and headed down our slushy, icy driveway and was doing great until I hit the end of the driveway and hit some ice. The first thing I could think of as I was in mid air was the fact that I have a broken tailbone, so to do everything in my power to avoid what do I do? I land on my elbow and side and smack my head on the ice instead! Luckily I was only seeing birds and lollipops for a little while and all I had to show for it was a horrible headache all day yesterday, but today...the walk was sooo much better! Started out with the coat and 2 miles in was ready to take it off! I did 3 miles finally and it literally killed me. How pathetic am I? I am so ready for warmer weather so I can get my butt back in gear! I am ready to drop this winter weight! Oh who am I kidding, the weight was there long before winter lol. Hope all is well in your world.


Suz said...

Not pathetic, that is a good walk with dogs! Sorry about the head, you need to take better care of yourself woman! No more getting hurt or ill!

Michelle & Troy Satterthwaite said...

Dang it! I am sorry that you fell, glad that the weather has been nice though since you have wanted to walk the hounds for a while now! Love you!!!

NIC said...

Yeah for you getting out there! You are inspiring me and not just the fall, I don't need inspiration for that, it comes natural!