Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Deals

I ran into Walmart this morning for one thing and happened to pass by the toddler clothes...they had the cutest 2-piece long sleeve tops with leggings on clearance for 2 bucks! Wahoo! So Gracie got 5 new outfits and a pair of pants for 11 bucks! You just can't beat that! On my way out of Walmart there was a homeless guy out there with his dog and sad to say, but my heart goes out to the dog more than the homeless man. Good thing I carry dog treats in my car. I stopped and gave that man the dog treats and some cash. Cutest dog ever!

I did well at the grocery store too. I managed to get an over-flowing cart for under 100 bucks and some amazing deals. I need to get in the hang of taking pics again of my great finds but at the moment, I am way to lazy lol.

Luke left for an overnight adventure with a friend to Wyoming to the snow cross. So jealous! He should have a blast but I am also looking forward to my night with Gracie and the hounds..I was thinking toenail painting, movies and popcorn! Can't go wrong with that!

Yesterday I did 3 miles with the hounds and to my amazement, it was a breeze! Usually I am panting by the end and I was actually ready to keep going! I think it was just because it is getting so beautiful outside and it was so good to get out for a little awhile. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I am excited for Bountiful Baskets in the morning. It is my newest addiction. I love fresh produce and you get such a great deal for your buck. I highly recommend! And hopefully another walk with the hounds! Dusty got his stitches out Tuesday and looks amazing! So that is great news! Happy Weekend!

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HarrisHousehold said...

My gosh Lisa...isn't this like a record ot something? You've blogged almost everyday! Keep it up...I love it!