Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just dropped Gracie off to school in her cute Chicken costume..I love Halloween! She was so excited this morning to get dressed up! We have been very fortunate with costumes this year. My cute Mom got her a witch costume not knowing about the chicken costume and my cute friend Steph at work borrowed her an adorable zebra costume. Monday night I think we will do the zebra costume so she stays warm!

Millie sure has been in my thoughts..we found out she has Round Cell Tumor which isn't as bad as squamous cell which is great news..I just hope and pray it is slow growing so we have more time with her! I hate cancer! I hate that 2 of my 3 babies has cancer and I can't do anything about it! I hate feeling so helpless!

Tomorrow is the diabetes doc for me. Every three months sure does come quick. Just hoping and praying for good news. I hope everyone is loving this fun holiday and all that comes with it!


ShAuNi said...

Lisa I miss you! I swear I never see you anymore! Hope all goes well with everything! Love ya!

Lisa said...

I miss you too! Thanks cutie! Now that I am in Sunbeams I don't see anyone but the kiddos!