Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year Christmas was a sick one:( Gracie bug got sick Christmas Eve morning...fever, bad cough, was just exhausted. I had a migraine Friday night, Saturday, Sunday...got a fever, sore throat...just felt exhausted. Went to my cute parents house for the usual Christmas Eve feast and games. My Dad was such a trooper and entertained Gracie so the adults could play games, headed home around 10 since we felt crappy and got Gracie to bed. Gracie was up all night coughing, my head hurt so bad and Daisy got sick too...just a cruddy night. Christmas morning Gracie woke up and didn't really seem to care Santa had even come. She felt lousy and so did I. Luke and I got really dizzy and could barely walk without falling Christmas morning and were worried about carbon monoxide even though our detectors weren't going off. Got back to my Mom's for Christmas breakfast, opened presents and headed back home feeling a tad better. Then we went to Luke's Dad's house and had dinner and opened presents there and Gracie got to finally play with her cute cousins for a few hours despite how crappy she felt. We took her home, put her to bed and I tried to fall asleep, but my head and throat hurt so bad...so sad since so much preperation goes into Christmas and I felt like it was all for nothing this year darn it! Gracie still has a bad cough and I would love to feel better soon. We are doing our usual New Year's Eve Party at the house, so I have my work cut out for me since our house looks like World War 4 has been through it! Gracie is one spoiled little girl and it was fun spoiling her! She has sooooo many fun toys. She got the cutest Doll House from Santa... I will post some pics. She got a darling desk so she can do crafts and what not on it, about 10 barbies, barbie cars, horses, tons of games, darling clothes, puzzles, books...she is soo spoiled and I am one lucky girl myself! Santa brought me an Ipad and the most beautiful bracelet. It is diamonds and sapphires since that is our anniversary stone...I got some adorable boots...can't wait to wear them! I hope Christmas was truly magical for everyone!


Tara Bergsjo said...

So sorry you guys were so sick. :( But I am glad you are all better now!

Tara said...

Just think...next year can only be better! Hang in there lady!