Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My sweet Sadie...passed away yesterday. She has been the best dog we have ever had and truly is my best friend. She was 12 years old. She was diagnosed in July with bone cancer on her shoulder and the past five months the tumor grew so fast...she could barely walk and we knew it was time. Dr. Hillegas came to our house last night and put her to sleep on her pillow while I held her. My cute Mom came out to help with Gracie. Luke and I miss her so much. It already feels like forever since I saw and held her last. I do know she isn't hurting anymore which means everything to me. My biggest concern now is our last dog Daisy. She is so sad and lonely. She slept on Sadie's pillow last night and has been searching the house for her all morning. She just cries and it breaks my heart. I hope she will be with us for awhile. Three dogs in three months has pretty much killed me. I am filled with so much peace right now. I know that is my sweet Sadie and Heavenly Father letting me know it's going to be alright. I know Dusty and Millie and Sadie are out having the time of their lives..running..playing and pain free! And like I have said before..the only thing that gets me through times like this is knowing we will be together again someday! I know when my time comes I will have all of these sweet babies waiting for me and that makes me smile.

It hasn't really seemed like Christmas this year since we have had such sick puppies. I have got to somehow get in the spirit for Gracie and Daisy too. Thank you so much to all of my cute friends and family for their prayers, support and sweet words through this tough time. I miss my best friend so much. But somehow, I think she is closer than I could possibly imagine..so I am sure I will chat, cry, laugh, etc..with her often as I do with Millie and Dusty too. I hope this season is filled with love for everyone...

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