Saturday, December 1, 2007

Black Ice!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Today has been an eventful day for me. I woke up this morning and took the 5 hounds on a walk. I really need more patience with them. Luke drove by us and they wanted to chase the truck while they are all attached to leashes that are attached to me. Let's just say they took me for a run!

Luke and I went to Cafe Sabor tonight which is usually our Saturday night retreat. We have a favorite server there named Dustin who we have had for years and he is moving so we had to go enjoy him before he leaves. Awesome food too. By far my favorite restaurant. Then we went to Walmart. What a joke. I should do my grocery shopping on another day besides Saturday night because it took almost two hours just to get grocery's and stand in a checkout line. We took two vehicles to Logan tonight because we bought blinds at Lowe's and they won't fit in my honda so Luke brought the truck. Meanwhile Gracie is at my parents.... When we were done shopping it had snowed quite a bit, but I told Luke he could head home and that I would just run to my parents and pick Gracie up. Holy black ice. If I would have known I would have had Luke stay with me, but I had no idea how bad it was. It normally would have taken me 10 minutes to get to my parents but it took 45 minutes and I slid the whole way. Then I got to my parents and called home to make sure Luke made it and he still wasn't home. An hour later he calls and said that Valley View had been closed because of a horrible accident, but that he had made it home, so I ventured on home going 20 miles an hour. The people behind me were riding my butt, but I don't care. I am not risking Gracie's life or mine for them to get to their destination a few minutes quicker. So as the snow season approaches, everyone please be careful!


Greg & Laura Stephens said...

That is so scary! My car doesn't do so well on black ice, so I'm not looking forward to driving in it! :) I LOVE that Cafe Sabor! We went there for the first time last summer -- SO good!

sharpest family said...

Life's alot different once you've got kids in the back seat (or at home waiting for you for that matter) isn't it? Not like doin' over 100 mph on your way to Moab from Country Jam!!! Yahoo!! :) Ahh, the good ol' days. We're lucky to be alive to get fat and wrinkly! Hee, hee.
I'm glad you're safe! Love ya! Bonnie

Rusty and Janis said...

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