Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolutions.....

January 1, 2008

I can't believe it is already 2008. That means that I graduated from high school 15 years ago this year. That is so depressing! I remember back in the day when I thought 30 year old's were ancient. Now the older I get, the younger people seem. I would like to make some New Year's Resolutions.....

1. Lose Weight! I would like to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and that means I have 20 pounds to go! I would like to lose even more than that, but let's start small. I probably need to start going back to Weight Watchers because that is how I lost my 50 pounds before. I just hate having to weigh in every week, but hey, it works!

2. Have date night with Luke more often. Since we had Gracie, we haven't even been to a movie!

3. Get family pictures done. We haven't had them done in about 4 years now. I would love to have them done now that we have Gracie and it would be fun to include the hounds too.

4. Walk the dogs more! I walk them about 4 times a week when the weather is good and I would like to increase it by at least one day. They love it and it is so good for me and that will help me with Resolution #1.

5. Update my journal more often. It seems like I only write in it once every few months when something exciting happens and I want Gracie to be able to read about my life. I started a journal that I have been writing to her since the day I found out I was expecting and I have been pretty good at keeping that up.

6. Organization! I have so much to organize and so much to send to the D.I. We just finished moving everything out of the old house and it is now all piled in our new garage so we can't even park our cars in there. We are talking mounds of junk. We have already filled 2 dumpsters and we haven't even made a dent. But I have started a large D.I. pile, so that is a start.

7. Cooking. I want to learn how to cook better. Today I cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, bread, stuffing and a cheesecake. It was delicious. I was so surprised that I cooked something that tasted that great! MMMMMM! I want to use the kitchen aid Luke got me a lot more. I want to be the next Rachael Ray!

8. Learn how to digital scrapbook! Steph has the cutest stuff and I want to learn how to do that!

9. Finish my Medical Transcription class so that I can start making an income here at home!

10. Now our church is at 12:30 and I want to make sure we are there all the time so that we are setting a good example for Gracie, and me too!

I probably could list 100 other goals that I would like to accomplish, but let's start with these. And of course, I can't blog without posting a pic of my baby! Happy New Years!!!!Photobucket


Mel said...

What great New Year resolutions! I hope that you can accomplish them, and me as well. Your #1 is mine as well, and hopefully something can happen there.

Stephanie said...

I want to learn how to cook, too! We can learn together and share recipes. It's sad that I don't really know how to cook after 11 years of being married, but now that I stay home I also want to try harder at making things homemade. I would love to help you learn how to digital scrapbook. I have a laptop, so we could get together and have a "digital crop" night.

Greg & Laura Stephens said...

You are so cute! I've got to put my resolutions on my blog, too -- maybe making them public will help me keep to them! :) I can SO relate to the date night thing...Greg and I haven't been to a movie (or on an actual date) since before Grayson was born (3 years!) We do rent quite a few, though. We're planning on taking Grayson to the new VeggieTales movie when it opens in a couple of weeks, but I guess that's not really a date! :)

Lisa said...

Count me in for learning digital scrapbooking and swapping recipes. Luke and I have been married over 10 years now and I have sooooooo much to learn! About cooking too...lol. I have got to lose weight and then I will feel so mcuh better about me! I love you all!

Lisa said...

Mel, like you have any weight to lose!