Monday, March 22, 2010

Home & Garden Show

This past Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to help with the Home and Garden show at USU and it was such a great experience. I met sooo many wonderful people and I can't thank Sarah enough for thinking of me when she was picking people to help! I never imagined how much work went into each and every year and now I have a pretty good idea lol.

I also got to go to the USU gymnastics meet against Sacramento with Shalon and we had a blast. We were wondering why we haven't been going all season and are sad it is almost over! There is always next year!

So glad it is officially spring even though today is cold and windy and it looks like rain is in the forecast, you can still feel that spring is in the air! Hopefully I can get out and walk the hounds more! My goal is 5 miles each walk instead of 3, even if it takes all summer!

I don't have anything else to exciting to report. We played Ticket to Ride last night with Richard and Megan which was a blast even though they decided to hose me any which way they could, it was still fun. I like to think of it as...I had to let them win to make them feel good:) I wish that was the case. I think they are practicing when we aren't there and then playing the "we don't know how to play" card and I fell for it! Gracie has so much fun playing with Trey and Jack! Here is a pic she snapped of Trey and Gracie.

I am getting some major garden fever. I LOVE garden veggies and can't wait to get them in the ground! It will be fun to have Gracie help. Luke planted some bean seeds with her this past week so it will be fun to watch them grow! Have a wonderful day everyone!


Tara Bergsjo said...

I am glad you had a good time. I am also excited for some yummy garden fod!

The Huffies said...

Your little one is so darn cute! Sounds like life is good for you, I'm glad!